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This engaging class is the perfect introduction to dance for three and four year olds. Students will delight in an imaginative atmosphere filled with music and movement. Self awareness will be brought to dancers through songs and action words. Classes incorporate tap and pre-ballet exercises to develop coordination.
Students gain a general understanding of music regarding coordination and rhythm. Developing a strong sense of musicality through tap is highly recommended for dancers and furthermore is immensely valuable throughout life.
Strength, control, flexibility and coordination
are among the many attributes students
will master. Acro dance combines classical
dance technique with precision acrobatic skills.  Safety is paramount and ensured through use of mats during class.
Jazz offers students an exhilarating, fast paced class, along with a strong technical base. This high energy class brings forth a level enthusiasm and encourages self confidence. Many styles of jazz will be incorporated into class including classical,
hip hop and Broadway.
Ballet is highly recommended and encouraged as it is the foundation of all dance forms. Students learn French terminology and theory. An emphasis is placed on correct alignment, placement and posture. The Cecchetti training system has been devised to give dancers a purity of line and strong base of technique. The Cecchetti method also enables students to pass graded exams for advancement to higher levels.
A continuation for the advanced ballet student, dancing “En Pointe” is both technical and artistic. Proper alignment and placement of feet is stressed. Instructor approval is required for this class.
Based on principles of ballet with a modern influence, this form of dance is highly expressive and interpretive.



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